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The plot thickens...

For quite some time I'd been worrying about putting in a character who would eventually become part of the LGBTQ community. I was concerned that since I'm not either LGBT or Q, that I might "do it wrong," by relying on stereotypes. (This was a big concern especially given that I've so far failed at character development--and that I might also fail to develop Emmaline as a character.) But I also get really frustrated when I see the same cookie-cutter token "gay person" stereotype splashed on the screen, and I wanted to try to have at least one character that battles that stereotype. Plus, a lot of my favorite people are either LGBT or Q; and in much of the literature I've read, there have been complaints that there aren't enough characters in mainstream entertainment that identify as one of those, or, if they do, they fit in the same stereotype. I wanted to do right by those many favorite people of mine, have a character who is a character first, and just happens to have a non-heteronormative sexuality. Hopefully I'll succeed, (and if not, feel free to criticize me so that I am better able to do right by them.)

I guess writing characters is something that should be intuitive...but its not always, so I may have consulted this webpage "writing gay characters," which is written by the author of two of my favorite webcomics, Yu+Me Dream and "I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!!!."